Is there a way to apply an effect to multiple pictures at the same time?

Not exactly sure what u mean.

You could make an Action for your effect and just hit the play buton on each picture layer.

What effect are u trying to do?

macro would do the trick :slight_smile:

You could also create a droplet from that action, save it in a folder where your pics are, select all the pics and dragndrop them on the droplet. You create a droplet from File>Automate>Create Droplet

Wow never new that was there. There always seems to be something.

Nocturn are u the grugne brush creator of the same name?

Or jsut have acommon name?

heh, i just found that site too! been thinking the same thing…

Me? no no:) Just a common name. Guess most graphics people are nocturnal hehe…she must be my soulmate…
I just registered today, very nice forums! I have a lot of reading to do in the Flash forums…

I’m trying to blur multiple pictures at the same time in Photoshop. I’m just wondering if it was possible so I don’t have to do them all individually. There’s a whole bunch of 'em.

you could probably just have them all in the same layer, then Select Layer Transparency. that should highlight everything in the layer with moving dotted lines, and then you can apply the blur.