PHP and Flash problem

I wrote out a entire form in flash using the input text boxes and calling each variable, firstname lastname company email, etc…

I then put a send button in the movie clip “contactform” where the inputs are located and put this into the action script

on (release) {
if (!firstname.length) {
_root.EmailStatus = "Please Enter your name before Sending";
else if (!lastname.length) {
_root.EmailStatus = "Please enter a valid name before sending";
else if (!phone.length) {
_root.EmailStatus = "Please enter a valid phone number before sending";
else {
loadVariablesNum("email.php", "0" , "Post");
		_root.EmailStatus = "Sending Mail...";

I dont see any result when the send button is pressed, i made a little dynamic text box to display the results of the send as shown by the EmailStatus code, it just sits still…

I dont have any way of telling whether or not the php is wrong or the flash side is wrong, or if the server is just being stupid.
The server is running Apache and they say PHP is installed so any help would be greatly appreciated, attached is the php (renamed the php to upload it)

The form contains ten text inputs and sixteen checkboxes and a comment box
if anyone can solve the first problem please help me on how to show the variables for the checkboxes through email, I set them up to be variable in a code but thats as far a i got