PHP and MYSQL hyperlink question

I am new to this PHP and MYSQL stuff and if anyone out there can help me out with the following problem, that would be great:

I have created an inventory database and have created a PHP script that basically pulls all of the records off the database and prints them on the screen so that the entire inventory list can be accessed.

If the administrator, who pulls up the inventory list to view, sees that one of the records need to be updated, I would like for the administrator to be able to click on which ever records needs the update, and have it open pop-up window with a form that has each piece of the information for that particular record, displayed in a seperate text box. This way, the administrator can make the change to whatever aspect of the record that is requiring the change, click submit, and have the list be updated.

My coding for pulling all of the records up is as follows:

include ‘auctionsdb.php’;
$sql = “SELECT * FROM Products”;
$sql_result = mysql_query($sql,$connection) or die (‘Could not Select the movie list’);
print “<body>”;
print “<table>”;
while($sql_data = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result)) {
print “<tr><td align=“center”>” .$sql_data[0]. “</td><td align=“center”>” .$sql_data[1]. “</td><td align=“center”>” .$sql_data[2]. “</td><td align=“center”>” .$sql_data[3]. "</td></tr> }
print “</font></table></body>”;

Am I not using the correct coding for what I am wanting to do? Or is there still away to be able to do this?

Again, I am new to this stuff so any and all information that can be provided for me would be much appreciated.