PHP Class wrecking HTML/CSS in IE

Okay so I have a PHP class that I’m calling, and it’s taken me a week to figure out it’s this specific class which is causing all the issues, but here’s what’s up:

At the top of my HTML file, above the head and html declaration and doctype and all that happy stuff I call my function like this:


I assume this is not the problem because I call two other classes and they manage to break anything.

However after this declaration IE just screws up my whole design. I, for the life of me, can’t figure out what the issue is. It’s like something in the class is throwing out some extra characters or something but the outputted HTML seems to be fine.

The offending class is as follows:


class Employees

	public function dropdown() {
		$getEmployees = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM employees ORDER BY lastName ASC");
		while($employeeList = mysql_fetch_array($getEmployees)) {
			echo "<option value='" . $employeeList['id'] . "'>" . $employeeList['lastName'] . ", " . $employeeList['firstName'] . "</option>";
	public function orderedlist() {
		$getEmployees = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM employees ORDER BY lastname ASC");
		while ($employeeList = mysql_fetch_array($getEmployees)) {
			echo "<li><a href='" . $employeeList['id'] . "'>" . $employeeList['firstName'] . " " . $employeeList['lastName'] . "</a></li>\r	";		


I mean it’s a pretty tame class, hardly does anything at this point. But for some reason it’s just wrecking everything.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this would happen?