Php configuration

I just installed my new copy of Flash MX 2004 and now my php scripts won’t work locally… I’m not sure what exactly made the difference. I installed some updates to the player as well…

I used the php version 4.3.4 windows installler at the ‘Micro$oft IIS 4 or higher’ setting.

Here is what happens -
My scripts open, but the returned result is not correct. For example, this simple script:


$myName = “Potamus”;
print “&myVar=$myName”;


when i use actionscript to print the value of myVar it should be


but instead it just prints the rest of the php file code


The strange thing is, if i run the file on a different server it works just fine. This leads me to assume that the actionscript and php are correct, and the problem lies in my local php server configuration. Any ideas?? Thanks.


ackk, i just solved my own problem. I was testing the file using path such as file:///C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/test.html
rather than http://localhost… How embarassing. :red: