PHP Contact Form

Dear everybody who is really can help me.

I just finish do it my contact form and all the data has been seen correctly
to desire mail.But the problem is i dont know how to redirect the page into
desire page after email has been send.

Hope u guys can help me to put coding ini this given coding that can be
redirect to desire page after people pressing submit button.

here is the coding.

[COLOR=royalblue]<?php [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]if(isset($_POST[‘submit’])) { [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]$to = “[/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][email protected][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue]”; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]$subject = “Contact Form”; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]$name_field = $_POST[‘name’]; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]$email_field = $_POST[‘email’]; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]$message = $_POST[‘message’]; [/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]$body = “From: $name_field
E-Mail: $email_field
$message”; [/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]echo “Thank You, Your Message Has Been Submitted to $to!”; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]mail($to, $subject, $body); [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]} else { [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]echo “Error On Page!”; [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]} [/COLOR]