PHP - Creating Folders

Can PHP create folders and set permissions to them? I only found o 1 exapmple on a forum and it wasn’t even an example really, just chat.

Anyone have any links, examples?


hm… I’ve never heard of this, I don’t think so… but then again, there is alot I don’t know about :smiley:

If you can’t find it on google or a forum you should check out and put in a search either thru the function list or wholesite. Chances are you can do it. PHP is a very well built programming language and just about anything you need can be done with it. If something does not exist, you can always just exec(); a shell command.

thanks man this seems to be what I was looking for, I’ll repost after I try it out :slight_smile:

only concern is that the guy is hosting the site himself, hope you don’t have to do anything crazy to php.ini to get this to work :wink:

If he has safe_mode enabled you might have problems running certain things, like exec(); but these are standard functions that do not require any extensions installed. Some of the php.ini settings can be altered via .htaccess. Which ones I would have to look into. I know you can alter upload size for sure and I am sure there are plenty of others…

thanks for the info,working on this now :wink:

you can make a file with this in it:




and it will list your friends compile settings. I am assuming he is using Linux…

btw, there’s a php function called ini_set or something that lets you configure the php ini file, if unflux is reading this, I’d love to know if he disabled this on his hosting?