PHP: Details included

I’m starting a UK street team solutions company for record labels. Basically, the label will get us to design and print stickers for their band’s upcoming album. Their fans will sign up to us for free, we send out the stickers and they hand them out in towns.

Users need the ability to sign up, join multiple projects (simply by clicking a link)/leave projects.

Here’s what scripting will be needed:

-Register/Sign Up
-Edit User Profile
-Join a project (band’s promotion)/Leave a project
-A mailer system, so say that you’d joined up to projects A and C (and not joined B or D) and I selected project A from a drop down and sent out an email, only members who’ve joined project A will get it.

I’m starting this business as there are no jobs locally where I live. Therefore, as you can imagine, I’m on a very tight budget.

Anyone who’s interested, reply or contact me.

Thanks a lot!