PHP: Do something in the middle of while loop

I have a while loop that is returning a bunch of rows.

I need to insert a static image file that will appear only once in the middle of the loop

Any ideas on how to make it appear after like two rows have been returned. but continue to return the rest of the rows.

while(list($catStoryID,$catStoryHeadline,$catStorySummary) = mysql_fetch_row($getCatFeatStoriesResult)) {
$image = getGalleryArray($catStoryID,1,‘story’,$localDB); ?>
<div class=“section_story_box_outer” style=“text-align:left;”>
<div class=“feat_section_story_box_inner”>
<? If ($image[‘thumb’]) { ?>
<div class=“section_story_box_image”>
<a href="<?=createStoryLink($catStoryID,$catStoryHeadline)?>"><img src="/images/gallery/<?=$image[‘thumb’]?>" alt="<?=htmlentities($image[‘caption’])?>"></a>
<? } ?>

<h4><a href="<?=createStoryLink($catStoryID,$catStoryHeadline)?>"><?=$catStoryHeadline?></a></h1>
<? If ($catStorySummary) { ?>
<? } else {
$getStoryTextSQL = “SELECT storyText FROM storySearch WHERE storyID = “.$catStoryID;
$getStoryTextResult = mysql_query($getStoryTextSQL,$localDB);
list($catStoryText) = mysql_fetch_row($getStoryTextResult);
<? } ?>
<p><a href=”<?=createStoryLink($catStoryID,$catStoryHeadline)?>”>Read more…</a></p>