PHP email form in loaded SWF

Hope someone can give me a hand with a problem I’ve run into using the PHP email form tutorial from this site.

Got it working fine on its own, but, I need it to work in a loaded SWF.

Basically I have a main movie with nav that loads the subpages as seperate SWFS.

When I load the SWF with the form the input fields are no longer visible.

However, if I type the exact URL for the SWF (bypassing the loading into the main SWF) it works fine.

I think it has to do with the pathing issues around _root level. I’m unclear if you’re loading a SWF into a main one how that affects what the root level is.

This was the PHP tutorial I used: (again, works on its own, not when loaded from an external SWF)

This was the loading external SWF tutorial I used:

any ideas would be much appreciated…

thanks in advance


I’m having this same exact problem, except when I go straight to the URL of my contact swf, I can’t type any text in the input boxes. Any ideas from anyone?

might be the fact that there is masking used. masking over input fields will result in… well no show. the only way i’m aware of is to either rid of the masking or you’ll need to get into each individual input field and embed the fonts.

Would not having PHP enabled have something to do with the input boxes not showing up? I just found out I have to purchase PHP from my host to activate it.

i’m not 100% sure if not having php would be the reason. but in any case… i’m assuming that you have the form in html and using a php script do do your mailing, am i not right? if so it shouldn’t matter.

Yes that’s how I have it setup. I’m just going to turn it into an email link since I don’t feel like paying to have PHP setup. Thanks for the help anyways, it is appreciated!