Php email form

hey i got a question?
i use a php email from on my web page and when i test it out it takes like a day then i recieve the eamil that i send how is that.or that how its works

thank u

Sadly that’s how it works…

Some hosts acumulate your mail… (check it) sends it at the end of the day.

Stepping over the an other host should help.

Yeah… Have it checked with your host to see if they can do anything about that…
One thing though… You should check what’s happening when you run that script from another host or your local computer before you ask to make sure everything is working as it should be from other places… :wink:

ok,thanks for the tip

If you look at the headers of the mail, you should be able to see where the hold-up is. Mail programs along the way of delivery timestamp the message when they handle it.