Php files for us mac users

hey all,
love the forum as always,
here’s my problem!!!
when people upload .fla files I can’t decode them once they are downloaded. They come up as php, i assume, the uploaders are workin on pcs, while i am on a mac. Are there any conversion programs??? or any ideas to solve the problem
PS: is there going to be a Photoshop tutorial section, akin to the Flash, man I HATE that program…would love some help on it…even the basics would be great

cheers and belated happy new year

I don’t know about the whole turning your .flas into .php files, thats news to me. But I don’t run on a mac.

As for the Photoshop tutorials section, yes, there will be one, we just need to get more tutorials. Any ideas on stuff you would like to do in Photoshop? Maybe one of us will know how and write up a tutorial to add in there. As for hating Photoshop… no no no, you got that all wrong… Photoshop hates you ;)…lol… just kidding man, but you shouldn’t hate the program, it is way awesome.

the php thing is simple just change the extension of the download to fla or whatever then open flash and open the file from within flash, it will recognize the file structure.

macs are so cool! :beam:

Are you running OSX? I have opened all my old PC flash files into my Mac without a hitch. Some of them were created in Flash 5 and some in MX.

I’m not sure how well old versions of MacOS handles PC files, but in my experience, OSX has had no trouble. When you download the files, make sure that they are the proper file types with proper extensions.

hey … some user in the forums [size=1][I don’t remember who was this guy][/size] told me that he couln’t download an example I made for him … he was downloading a php file instead

do you think there could be a relation between these cases?

RenaissanceGirl: yeah i am running OSX and whenever i download the files, they automatically get converted to dreamweaver files for some reason, with .php extension, i am going to manually change the extension like slikspic suggested see if that works.

lostinbeta: yeah photoshop does rule but such extensive program
some good tutes:

  1. creating complex shapes (i.e. outline of figures, etc): that is a shortbut way of doing it, if there is one.
  2. Tips on how to master the pen tool using the mouse and not a graphics tablet

will add more suggestions as i think them up…again much love to all in the forum.
PS: lostinbeta: dig the flower logo you have, very spiffy, itd be dope if you filled in the semi circle for your preloader; also, your navigation bar (your main one with contact, portfolio etc) is only half showing and then disappears when you click on contact.

Hmm, ok good ideas on tutorials. I might write some up on that.

And for my logo… thanks :slight_smile: And the top part all depends on what browser version you are using. My site only works in IE 5.5 and up :frowning: I am working on a new one… PHP this time instead of DHTML :slight_smile: