Php files

Part of my web site uses php files. When i click on a link to one of these file it trys to download it? :*( Does anyone know why and what the problem is? I can not find anything on the web.

Your link leads to the php file. Can you copy and paste your code so i can see it?

and make sure that they ARE php files. If you’re creating them in a text editor, do “save as”

choose “all file types” from the pull down, if it’s avaliable.

type in the name exactly like so “nameOfFile.php” (with the quotes around it) and hit enter.

if you don’t use that format of creation, it will save the file as ‘nameOfFile.php.txt’. It’s very anoying. :slight_smile:

It a link to a guestbook i am trying to get to work.