[PHP Flash 2004] updating news?

I have a site where I want to be able to have my client update his news in a admin feature? I have the news now being pulled form a exturnal .txt file, but I want to be able to updated though another flash page going to php and updating the news?

I hope this make sense? I just want to have my client update his new without have to open the .txt file:)

Sending data to a php page in Flash is the same as doing it in HTML. You can search the forums for to find your answer.

Jubba has a great tutorial in the Best of Kirupa. He shows how to send to the data to the php page.

You can click on my the link under my footer(which I don’t have) to see how to send it to an ASP page(same thing only different language)

One question, why do you want to do it in Flash? Just use an HTML form :wink:

Thanks Digitalosophy,
I will take a look!! Thanks.
The reason is that have the news in flash, and that is what text I want to change. You can see it here: http://www.socadia.com/indexog.htm


hey that’s a nifty site you got there :slight_smile:

what i meant was:

i would suggest making your CMS in html, easier to password protect and easier to make. just because the CMS is in html format doesn’t have anything to do with the site (i may be confused with what you said ^^^)

in other words all the CMS is doing is passing the information to the database, your flash movie can and will still read it.


Thanks Digitalosophy!!

Man…:frowning: I still am really not gettin it… I am stupid when it comes to this:) I do not even know what a CMS is (“Clinet Mail Sever”) lol. I wish there was a TUT for retards:)

Sorry man!!

Alright let me try and explain this the best I can for you.

CMS-(Content Management System):
There are a few ways to update your website dynamically, meaning add/insert/delete data from your website without opening the source files. So let’s say you have a news feed. The news feed loads into your flash page on your website. There are a couple of ways to update that data without opening flash.

All you have to do is make a CMS, web based database editor. make a small app that allows you to control the data in your database.

1.XML - I’m not wild over XML, mostly because I’m not that good with it, and I find other ways much more effective.
2.PHP/mySQL(my personal new favorite) - mySQL is of course a database. Database don’t physically store files. The store data. Data can be path’s to images, text for your news, anything you want. PHP is a server side language(which you already know). PHP communticates with your mySQLdatabase, passing and receive data which can thus be passed along to flash.
3.ASP/MSAccess - Another option, although since learning PHP I don;t think I would use ASP unless I have to. But you can do the same thing in ASP as you could in PHP. And MSAccess is GUI, meaning you can phyically open it, as mySQL is not(although you can use phpMyAdmin).

I’d suggest trying out ASP or PHP I think ASP is probably harder to learn, but MSAccess is really simple.

So what you have to do…

Simple just be able to edit the data in your database from a web page. Search around the forums, for examples.

You can use dreamweaver to do this, I wrote a tutorial here

That uses ASP/MSAccess/Dreamweaver. Give it a read maybe it will help.

Wow!!! Thanks so much for this. Really… I gave it a read and the only prob is the Microsoft Access:( I am on a Mac I have the hardest time trying to create the table structure an DB? I think that there is some why to do but I have to some research. I really appreciate you takin time out to help me!!!

What about using FileMaker?