PHP & Flash 5

Can someone give me links to websites that have information on combining PHP4 and Flash 5?

very much appreciated


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Hi Tristan,

friends of ED publishers are releasing a book called Foundation PHP for Flash at the end of October that may be able to help you out.

There’s an accompanying support site for the book at which will be up and running soon.

You could try asking around in their forum

Hope this proves useful - good luck in your PHP for Flash quest, my friend :slight_smile:


Hi dawpia,
how come you know all this stuff 'bout foED?
Asking 'coz I love the books and I’d like to contact Sham Bhangal (link on stundesign doesn’t work)? Thanks

there’s a good book out there called “Server-Side Flash” which is really good. i didn’t have the money at the time to make it my own, but i spent bout an hour at the bookstore reading it. it’s more cgi/perl/php/etc than it is flash. it goes into detail creating scripts and a couple things on connecting with flash. i’d buy it ($30).

A lot of the friends of ED books are great. I’m going to be updating my site in a few with a re-designed books section that will include Flash, PHP, programming, and other books that are relevant to Flash designers!

I read somewhere that all you have to do to combine flash with php is make flash submit to a php url, and the phpurl returns (as text) a string of variables in the form “variable=bla&variable2=bla” for communication. if this is true then then php4 plus flash5 and action script is near limitless i bet!

my main goal is to do things like online games that save information on the server based on the account.

Hi eyezberg,

Cheers for lovin the ED’s books. I’m a friends of EDder myself.

Is it a specific problem with Foundation ActionScript and the stundesign project? If it is then mail [email protected] and they’ll personally help you out.

You could look at or post your own questions on this message board [url=“”]

Is this useful?

If you need any more info give me a shout

Take care,

can anybody tell me what’s the php?
thank you
i am a newer
im a chinese

Thanks for the reference on the book people… I’m going out today to buy it. Perhaps I’ll pick up Kirupa’s book too… depend upon the money situation… :slight_smile:

Hi Folks!

Glad the excitement for the book is high!

Just though I’d drop by to let you know that the book isn’t released until the end of September, although you * can* preorder your copy at Amazon and other online bookstores.

Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list at to keep up to date with all the latest book news!


Steve Webster
Author - Foundation PHP for Flash

Hey Kirupa, will you be including Cold Fusion in that book. Especially now that macromedia owns CF, I can see the two going hand in hand as new versions come out.

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Hey vimpaler,
I’m not the author of the PHP/Flash books. I wrote about FrontPage 2002. I guess we’ll find out once the book from friends of ED hits the shelves :slight_smile:


I didn’t find it… lol, too bad I didn’t read in here first. I did pick up an excellent book, but it’s a little pricey for most people at $59. It does however detail some really important concepts to the tools, where they come from, how to get the best usage out of them, ect; as well as a pretty complex rundown on cgi/perl and asp.
Macromedia Flash 5 Developer’s Guide, by PS woods, is not for the beginner… Do not attempt to read through this until you’ve completed all the basic tutorials you can find and have set up at least one functional page on the web using flash as a basis.

But it’s a good book. :slight_smile:

Hi vimpaler,

CF topics won’t be included. The book solely concentrates on developing PHP skills for confident Flash users.

There’s a separate book being written specifically on the CF subject. It’s called Foundation ColdFusion for Flash and you can read about it at…index.html

It’s available for pre-order now at…index.html and will be available in bookstores from the end of September.

If you’re all interested in learning programming languages (PHP, XML) inside Flash do look at this September’s publications on (They all assume solid Flash knowledge but only basic code programming skills).

Hope this is useful folks.

Take care,

Here’s another option…I dabbled a little with it, but its still in the newbie stage, MING…Here’s the originator’s site…