Php & flash help


does anybody know how to setup a kind of if the insert in php and mysql works goto frame “quiz” in flash

here is my php code thanks in advance :slight_smile:

    include ('functions.php');
    $my_link = dbOpen();
    $my_fname = $_POST['fname'];
    $my_lname = $_POST['lname'];
    $my_email = $_POST['email'];
    $my_mobile = $_POST['mobile'];
    $my_company = $_POST['company'];
    //$my_score = $_GET['score'];
    $my_query = "INSERT INTO users (`firstname`, `lastname`, `email`, `mobile`, `company`) VALUES ('$my_fname','$my_lname','$my_email','$my_mobile','$my_company')";
    $my_result = mysql_query($my_query);
    //echo $my_query;
//    $num = mysql_num_rows( $my_result );
//if ($num == 1){
    //print "status=Welcome to Marketing Mind Challenge&checklog=1";
    //} else {
    //print "status=Sorry, but your registration form was incomplete&checklog=2";

    $my_url = "Location:game.swf?insert=success";


it works and adds the content thats fine…its just when i try goto “quiz” frame when submitted form.

i tried my way but got sql error mysql_num_rows is not a …something or something.