Php/flash/mysql auto e-mailer

I have an idea but I’m pretty much retarded when it comes to these things so maybe someone can explain. How hard would it be to make a guestbook password protected. What I want is a sign up form containing name, password and e-mail fields. When someone enters a valid e-mail address an e-mail with a random word as a password is sent to them, then they log in and can use the guestbook with that name and password. Is that do-able?

Cheers, J

ps, it doesn’t have to be controlled by php and mysql, just whatever is easiest. My server supports everything under the sun so…

it’s do-able but’ll require quite a bit of code, and if you don’t know php will be very hard. But of course, there are resources and tut’s that’d help you.

Nah not that much of code… you should read up on how to use a db

read up on:
Send Mail Php

Thanks for that. I don’t think databases are too much of a problem to me, it’s more php code, I always find a way to mess it up somehow… Anywho, I’ll have a go with that sometime this week and see where I can get

Cheers guys, J