PHP flash questions


Im looking for a PHP script for a auto archiving news updater. I want all the script to appear in Flash.

How would I go about doing this?
Where can i find a good script for this?
Would MySQl or a flat file be best? Id prefer a flat file?

Any help would be much appreciated as Im totally lost!


Well there are two main components to this problem 1. Getting Php to read/write to a flat file (or db). 2. Getting flash to read it.
The first will be the harder of the two. A quick search in the server side section or on google is sure to get some hits.
The second, is easier, You just have to get your php to output in a way that flash will be able to read it. And once in flash get flash to read it. You will need to look up LoadVars() to do that.
Nothing too difficult but like I said you’ll have a harder time getting the php part working.

fopen - opens a file on a server

fread - reads it

fwrite - writes to it.

These should get you started in the right direction, now its just a matter of putting it all together.

Good luck

thankies muchly