PHP <-> Flash simple gallery

I actually did this a little while ago, but haven’t posted it before. It’s a basic “gallery” system without thumbnails that checks a folder for images of the .jpeg format then displays them as boxes in Flash. You can then click on them, they preload and scale to your screen if your browser window is too small to view them in their full glory.


It also remembers, by the way of a small Flash cookie, what images you’ve viewed (turning squares blue). Images you’ve viewed that session, are red, turning blue the next time around you visit it :slight_smile:

Check it out at:

Source is in the lower left (the big Flash file symbol). Please notify me if you have any questions when looking over it, or find any bugs. The code is a bit poorly commented (if I remember correctly) so don’t be afraid to ask! Also, on lower resolutions, some images look kinda “weird” when rescaled. The proportions are kept (scaling format) but if a large image (1280x1024) is scaled down to (example) 1024x768 in Flash, it gets a bit ugly sometimes…

Not trying to “compete” with the recent submissions on the same “theme”. This is just a post of my try at this kind of thing. But while I’m at it, I think my php code is as simple as it can get for this thing here :wink:

Oh, and I’m also working on a more ***-kicking version of this. Coming Soon :player: