[PHP] Flash vars to PHP to URL

Not an easy question or maybe its really easy.

I have to URL post form variables to a web address.

Original HTML code [Works]

<form action="http://somewebsite.com/webpush/webpush" action="POST">

        Modtager: <input type="text" name="sender">
        Besked: <input type="text" name="personal_message">
        <input type="radio" name="webpush" value="11">SMALL
        <input type="radio" name="webpush" value="12">MEDIUM
        <input type="radio" name="webpush" value="13">X-LARGE

        <input type="radio" name="webpush" value="14">XXX-LARGE
        <input type="hidden" name="message" value="[personal_message] has sent you a message.">
        <input type="submit" value="Send" />

AS code that works inside flash [works]

on (release) {

    data_lv = new LoadVars();
    data_lv.sender = s_mess.s_film.sender;
    data_lv.personal_message = s_mess.s_film.personal_message;
    data_lv.webpush = s_mess.s_film.webpush;
    data_lv.message = s_mess.s_film.message;
    data_lv.onLoad = function (ok)
         if (ok)
              trace("Transaction success...");
    data_lv.sendAndLoad("http://somewebsite.com/webpush/webpush", data_lv, "POST");

AS code to php [Should work]

data_lv.sendAndLoad("post.php", data_lv, "POST");

Here is the big problem I think. I want the php file to send this string.


Here is my php code [not working]

$get_vars = '?';
foreach($_POST as $key=>$val) {
    $get_vars .= $key.'='.urlencode($val).'&';
$url = 'http://somewebsite.com/webpush/webpush'.$get_vars;
header('location: '.$url);


please help me???