Alright I have a project where the user enters in some html in a flash form and it posts to a php page like so:


testBtn.onPress = function(){

getURL(“http://www.mysite.netcom/myPHPpage.php”, “_blank”, “POST”);

[/AS]simple enough…

The php page is set up like so:





$myHTML = $_POST[‘inputText’];

echo $inputText;




[/AS]Alright so it calls to the page posts and everything with one problem. It out puts the variables from textfield, inputText, literally. With tags and everything. My desire was to have php do work that Actionscript could not. send all tags to php and have it render it into html to get around Flash’s limitations in the HTML department. Does anyone know if this is possible or is flash breaking the HTML before php has a chance to process it?