Php + flash

ok i hava a swf file with 2 textfiled :

now i want to save this text to txt file (data.txt) so I use this script:

$plik = "data.txt"; 
$file = @fopen($plik,"r"); 
$tmp = @fread($file,filesize($plik)); 
$file2 = @fopen($plik,"w"); 
fwrite($file2, "a= <B>$subjec</B><BR>$body<BR><BR>$tmp"); 

Ok now the problem … i cant save web adress corectly … when i want to save for example the text:

please visit my new site :

in txt file this text look :

please visit my new site : <a href=‘’></a>

but it schould :


any ideas ?

sorry for my english :x

OK Whole problem is in file :