PHP Forum

Recently I have been thinking about all of the available forum scripts and thinking that instead of using a premade forum, perhaps I should make my own.

Basically, I plan to start developing a forum in PHP/MySQL.

I will have it skinnable and moddable (is that a word?) etc…

Obviously, all of the major forum packages are made by teams, so this is my idea:
All of you who are interested sign up and we will build our own forum. We will split up jobs and do code with classes.

To join, please look at the requirements below:

Excellent knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
Excellent knowledge of HTML.

That’s basically it, to sign up please reply to this thread, once we get enough people we will start making a forum and maybe one day kF will be running off our forum!

Current Members:

  1. om3ga (Boss)
  2. Halikidiki (designer)