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[size=1][color=darkred]can anyone help me to explain what does this code do? please[/color] [/size]

$query = "SELECT * FROM item WHERE ID = '" . 
 GET['id'] . "'"; 
$result = @mysql_query($query);
$item = mysql_fetch_array($result);
echo "status=ok";
echo "&itemName=" . $item["item"];
echo "&itemDescription=" . urlencode($item["description"]);
echo "&itemPrize=" . $item["price"];
echo "&itemImage=" . $item["image"];
echo "&itemCount=" . $item["count"];
echo "&itemDbNumber=" . $item["ID"];
echo "&query=finished";
fail("There was an error getting the item, please try again later.", mysql_error());

  1. includes the code from 2 files, database settings (user, pass, etc…) and some functions. - that would be my guess.
  2. searches the database for an item with an ID number as that passed from an html page.
  3. gets the database info on that item, then displays it in a format Flash can read.

OK this is what I am workin on: my ex webmaster did a flash site and he took off so now I have to figure everything out on my own in order to maintain the site.
I have the fallowing db


now I have a whole bunch of php’s assosiated with the db and my site.
my main movie loads random images in the main.swf with the help of php, th e random.php tells db to load items(images) into movie so th eitem sare loaded from images folder and images table from db, so when images load in the movie i have a button to go with the image that after clicking it wil load another external movie called item.swf and this item.swf tells item.php to load information from db about that image which iare: price, description, image etc. so the code I included above is from item.php
I looked in the item.fla file and I saw that flash requests item.php to attach information from db>
so what I really want to do is to be able to load images in the item.swf from a different folder from the server because flash loads images inthe main.swf from db as a thumbanails and quality really sucks because flash downsizes images and images become pixelated,but what I have in mind is to add another table called ‘preview’ pretty much the same settings as item.swf but I would upload a right size images inthe preview folder with the approriate AS settings in the imageHolder clip>

in the main.swf where images are as thumbs AS for image Holder clip is :

 onClipEvent (data) { 
if (this._width>80) {
w = this._width;
setProperty("", _width, 80);
setProperty("", _height, this._height-(w-this._width));
if (this._height>62) {
h = this._height;
setProperty("", _height, 62);
setProperty("", _width, this._width-(h-this._height));

and in the preview item.swf images are loaded with the fallowing AS in the imageHoder

 onClipEvent (data) { 
if (this._width>186) {
w = this._width;
setProperty("", _width, 186);
setProperty("", _height, this._height-(w-this._width));
if (this._height>253) {
h = this._height;
setProperty("", _height, 253);
setProperty("", _width, this._width-(h-this._height));

I am sure u can figure it out I just don’t know ho wto describe my situation
any help or guide will b every appreciated

but Ermmm put php tags around that… makes it lots easyer to read and you will have more people reading it…

Is there anyone who can help me with that ??please…!!