PHP into Flash

Hey guys. I got a script for a PHP counter but i want to display it in flash. so on the last line of my PHP script i added:

echo $variable

then in flash i am using


is that how i would go about doing it? I was talking to David and he helped me this far, but we both wanted to doubble check to make sure thats how you would do it.

Any help is appreciated-

PS: Here is the counter script:

$count_my_page = ("hitcounter.txt");
$hits = file($count_my_page);
$fp = fopen($count_my_page , "w");
fputs($fp , "$hits[0]");
echo $hits[0];

This is before adding what i said above btw

if you follow what i posted here it should work :slight_smile:

i knew i saw that thread some where/ when i searched it didnt find it. thaks!

Ahmed: i am using this code in the first frame of my movie:

count=loadVariables("counter.php", 0);

but the thing is that it wont show up in my text box of count. i can provide the FLA if thats what you need, but i am using the code above so i dont htinkits the PHP

use this actionscript:

myTextbox.variable = myCounter
lv = new LoadVars()
lv.onLoad = function(success) {
if(success) {
myCounter = this.myCounter

… that should load the variable ‘myCounter’ and display it in the textbox :slight_smile:

ok ahmed i will try it, thanks! but just a question, shouldnt loadVariables have worked?

the way you were trying to do it, it won’t :slight_smile:

this could’ve worked:

myTextbox.variable = myCounter
loadVariables("counter.php", this)
// when loadVariables is done loading, the variable myCounter in the php script will be
// included in the flash movie, and then loaded into the textbox


ahmed, the first code didnt werk. i will try this one.

ahmed, unfortuanatly that doesnt work either. i honestly dont know why, i think i am doing everything right…but i just dont know…if you want here is the fla to the project.

where’s your script located?

ok… you need to have the field’s instance name set as ‘myTextbox’… both methods should work :slight_smile:

lol thanks a ton! lol how stupidof a mistake was it?

omgosh! still nothing! i odnt get it!

ok let’s see now…


$filename = "TestCounter.txt";

$file = fopen( $filename,"r"); 
$OldCount = fread($file, 25); 
fclose( $file ); 

$OldCount = split ("=", $OldCount, 25);

$NewCount = $OldCount[1] + '1';

$New = "&count=$NewCount";

$file = fopen( $filename,"w+");
if (flock($file, 2)) { 
fwrite($file, $New, 100); }
fclose( $file ); 

print "&count=$NewCount";


if (flock($file, 2)) { <— this line blocks the file or something! I saw it in a tute somewhere! Anyway it keeps the count from resetting when a bunch of ppl visit the site at the same time n’ all.

Are you doing a Live counter or just a counter?

You can see my live one here: <a href=“”>Syko’s Live Counter</a>

<b>NB! Be sure to change the permissions of the txt file to 777</b>

Well syko its just that i want it too count when ppl visit lol. i am not to sure what you mean by live. though. but i will change the permission right now…(oops)
edit one:
i changed them and still nothing. i will try your code though
edit two:
tryed syko’s php and still nothing. i has to be with the flash. my code is in the first frame and is as follows:

myTextbox.variable = myCounter
loadVariables("counter.php", this)

check my .fla file here:
I have the tetbox named the same as the variable in the txt file! I alwasy have a problem with that!

And by Live Counter I meant that the counter refreshes itself all the time so you don’t have to refrsh the page to refresh it!
[ go, opne up a new window and go to the same URL and see it increase! ] ( it will refresh after a period of time)

syko, i tore apart some of the code you gave me and got it to display 1, but it never increments…like with this code in your sample fla

loadVariablesNum("TestCounter.txt?cnum="+random(99999), 0);

that loads the text file just fine, but the php is never executed. lol so where do i put the php in all of this?

i placed the php but still no werk! the fla is attached.
thats the txt file

and the PHP code is exactly as you posted.

wops! Sry for the delay!

I wish I could view that .fla but my hard-drive is all screwqed up right now.
the varname of the textbox is “count” right?

Your going trough the same thing as I did. At first it didn’t show me anything, then it was just “1” and then voila.
Try executing the php directly! ( www.something.sth/yourphp.php ) and see if it gives ya any errors.

And also if you have an action loading the textfile [size=1]loadvariablesnum(“txtfile.txt”);[/size] then delete it or put “//” symbols in front of it and see if it still shows the “1” there.

Not sure if your question is answered or not… but here is a code that I would use for a simple PHP hit counter…

here is a link to the working copy. Hit refresh a couple of times…

$file = "count.txt";  //define file

$fp = fopen($file, "a+"); //open file for read and writing

$data = fread($fp, 80000); //read file to retrieve data

ftruncate($fp, 0); //Cuts file length to zero - Erases previous value

$new = $data + 1; //Adds to counter

fwrite($fp, $new); //Writes the new number into the textfile

fclose($fp); //Closes the file

print "count=".$new; //Prints out the variable so Flash can read it.

This only saves a single number to the text file, so there is no need to manipulate strings or anything…

Then your Flash code would be…

loadVariablesNum("", 0, "POST");

and on your main stage have a textbox that has the variable name of “count” (without the quotes).

if you want a sample file I can make one up…