PHP-MySQL: soccer standings table

i’m newbie, but i try to learn PHP n MySql.
i searched this forum dan the net, still not found what i’m looking for:
soccer standings table

i’m building a soccer site, n i want to include soccer standing tables (europe league: spanish, italy, EPL etc) in it.

can anybody help teaching me how to make a soccer standings table?
the idea is:
the are two main table: results and standing
the admin will only update the score line in “results table”
ex. MU 2-0 Chelsea
so “standing table” will update automaticlly (field “game played” increase 1, field “won” in MU field increase 1, field “lose” in Chelsea +1, and agr. goals too… etc)

how to make such table?
or anybody can direct me to the tutorial or other resource?