PHP/MySQL Training


I’m excited to start my PHP/MySQL training this weekend. With which should I start, following the suggestion from a previous post, I’m using the PHP and MySQL sites:

Learn PHP first, MYSQL second. I would also suggest that you consult books in addition to learning from these websites.

I have PHP and Advanced PHP for FLASH, would recommend another publication in addition, I want to undertsand how PHP/MySQL also works with XHTML.

I don;t think there is any special way in which PHP/MySQL work with XHTML. Or maybe I don;t get your question :h:

yep works the same as php / mysql with HTML

My concern is if I learn from just the PHP FLASH publications, will my understanding be limited to just FLASH?

I don’t think so… That PHP knowledge stays in your brain so you can use it on its own if it needs to be… :slight_smile:

Has anyone read this book? I’m a little cautious about Sitepoint publications.

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, Second Edition