PHP or XML "News"

Hey, is it possible to make a News thingy with xml or php? Like: You have one input field where you write the name, and another input field for the date, then a third input field wich is the message. And when you click the Post button, it sends the info to an php or xml file, and then another .swf can read the php/xml file and get the info from php to an dynamic textfield.

So the output would look something like:

  • 03.03.04 - Someonesname -
    Bla bla blablablablablablabla bla bla bla
    bla bla
    bla blabla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla¨
    bla bla bla bla bla bla vbla

Is that possible, or hard? I don’t know much about as so if anyone could help, i’d appreciate it. Im using Flash MX.


sure. Check out cuteNews. Thats what I use on my website. It stores the info in a flat-file DB (a delimited text file) but from there it can be exported to XML if you need it (I think they have some resources online or in the forums for that).

Ok, thanks.

cuteNews, is it a website or what? I’ll try some searching and see what I get.


Hmm, I searched for cuteNews on and found something, but if that was it, it’s not actually what Im looking for.

Looking for a flash version, where I can just place the input fields where I want, and make them smaller. The one I saw was more like and Forum news thingy, heres the ones i saw. .

If thats not what you mean, please write back.


you can pretty easily translate anything HTML to flash. Its just a matter of submitting the forms in flash as they are in html

And I have no idea how to :stuck_out_tongue:
Isnt it some other, not so fancy, news thing? I dont need smilies and such, just plain text w/ possibillity of links.