Php parse error

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/hsphere/local/home/mukiria/ on line 43

The above is the error one gets when clicking submit button for

The following is the script I’m running. Note: line 43 is the last line


use full paths

not using full paths could prevent the script from functioning properly

script directory

no trailing slash

$script_dir = “/home/www/”;

hostname on which script is running

$host = " ";

domain to which to send email

$domain = “”;

script url (url to script directory above)

no trailing slash

$script_url = “http://$domain/”;

variables below corresponds to the Email to * in your contact form

match the numbers to the value for which option maps to a specific email

you can add more as long as you keep them in sync

$adminemail[1] = “[email protected]$domain”; #alias address

preceeds the subject the user puts in on the contact form

$subjectheader = “Application Form:”;

url the form will redirect to after sending email

$redirecturl = “http://$domain/thankyou.htm”;

text that will display if you leave above variable blank

$finishedtext = “Thank you for sending mail. We will Reply asap!”;

how the message will show in the email

you can reorder these how you wish or modify the message itself to your liking

just be sure and leave the $variables in tact

#Message definition for the comments page
$comment_msg = "
Name: “. $_POST[‘name’] .”
Email: “. $_POST[‘email’] .”
Alternate Mail: “. $_POST[‘mail2’] .”
Telephone: “. $_POST[‘phone’] .”
Address: “. $_POST[‘address’] .”
Date of Birth: “. $_POST[‘dob’] .”
Kenya: “. $_POST[‘kenya’] .”
Tanzania: “. $_POST[‘tanzania’] .”
Uganda: “.$_POST[‘uganda’] .”
Request Application: “.$_POST[‘request’] .”
Futher Enquires: “.$_POST[‘enquires’] .”
Response Programs: “. $_POST[‘response’] .”
Comments: “. $_POST[‘comments’] .”
Questions: “. $_POST[‘questions’] .”

Any idea where I’ve gone wrong?