PHP parsing required?

Hello all,

I have been making a shout box for mys upcoming site so far so good! Then suddenly I noticed that it goes crazy when my message contains a querying url with more than two variables! I don’t know what to do basically. When my message has regular urls included like:

Hello please visit <a href=“”>Kirupa</a>

This works perfectly!
But if I place a url like:

Hello please visit my thread at <a href=“”>Kirupa</a>

The shout box displays only one name of the poster and clears everything else and all other’s posts! When there is a querying url with only one variable passed however it works ok!

My question is, how can this be solved? Anyone here who experienced this problem before? Is this a “strip slashes from url” problem?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you want to try it out please visit