PHP Problem with an extension .dll

I tried to do a socket practice which was posted some weeks ago here, in The example uses flash and php. But the problem is when I compile by shell a php code. An error ocurred:
Call to undefined function socket_create() in c:/Apache2/htdocs/socketShell.php
I’m working on windows XP, using the Apache server and php5 as php version. I know the ext folder has a php_sockets.dll. I modified the php.ini file in system32 to recognize the extension path (c:/php/ext) but hasn’t worked yet.
When I type php -m in the command console I can’t see a sockets module compiled. Is that important? I’m a newbie about these subjects. I tried everything, I really want to see the example running:bounce:. Somebody knows what could I do?

The sockets example