PHP Publications


I’m still into pulp, can someone recommend (2) PHP/MYsql publications for a newbie to server-side programming?


hmmm, im current looking in a book call php and mysqle for dynamic web site, by larry ullman. this is a great book and has helped me greatly.

php documentation :slight_smile:

Mysql All you need
Mysql Dev Site

Basicly all you need.


Thanks, so this is all, straight no chaser? You wouldn’t recommend any pulp for the bookshelf?

to begin with nah… maby later on when you want to improve you’re skills
Than start looking for books that handle the things you really want to learn and were not able to find, or wasnt sufficient explained on the web

larry ullman = da ****z


First, this is the reply from e-mail: Here is the message that has just been posted:

Nah books are nice if you .re the kind of guy that learns better from the books.

But, your post here is different, very strange. In any case I tend to think the info at the websites would be more current than most publications, just having a hard time breaking up with pulp.

I’ll just read a good novel, when time permits.

What on earth does this imply?

larry ullman = da shitz

i think that translates to, “he is very good!” :wink: