PHP Question

Hi every one. I just started school and my new internship, so thats why I havent been around. I’m kinda caught up so I have a bit of time to get into this again, at least for today:)

My question is (sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question) How do I implement PHP into my flash movies?? Or what is PHP?

Thank you,

if you don’t know what PHP is you really shouldn’t be trying to integrate it into your flash movies. its a very powerful language although some servers won’t support it because it creates security holes. look at or to find out how php can help you with flash. its really a great tool once you understand it but its not one you should learn if you have very little time or patience for coding

hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am pretty familiar w/ asp/vbscript/sql. It seems to be similar. I was using IIS to create my asp pages and to test them on my computer. I have since reformated my pc and do not want to reinstall the snap in for IIS if I can not use it for php. I would basically just want to test out some simple scripts and learn how to create php pages on my own pc. I heard something about
Apache and MySql. I will do more research on it. Thank you:)

you’re very welcome
good luck!