Php same value problem

I list my 10 latest posts but even though people post new posts the flash file shows the old post (those it had before the new posts).

you have to close the webbrowser and open it again to make flash reload the new list.

I call to the php as following:

loadFiles = new LoadVars();
loadFiles.ref = this;
loadFiles.onLoad = function() {
	poem1 = this.poem1;
	poem2 = this.poem2;
	poem3 = this.poem3;
	poem4 = this.poem4;
	poem5 = this.poem5;
	poem6 = this.poem6;
	poem7 = this.poem7;
	poem8 = this.poem8;
	poem9 = this.poem9;
	// and so on...

what could be the problem?

/thanx for answering, SAnTiago_99