PHP Script (Need modifying)


I have PHP script which enables the user to view a random quote from a MySQL Database. Its a simple connect, random and display.

My MySQL consists of two records, one is the quote id, and the author is the quote.

Since using the script (starsol quote) I modified the program and added user features:

Search Engine (with highlighting)
Browse File Records (so when a search is made, the user may click the highlighted terms and this generates a separate blank file with the full quote being displayed.)

I want to add some more features.

Browse File Records and Search Engine pages should all have the following:

Save to my Favorites link (Users can save the quote in there favorites)
Settings page (Users can change font type, font weight, font color)

In user favorites page:

Make default (Users have a default quote on his her page, so rather than loading a random quote from the database, the user has a separate page which there current default quote will be displayed)
Turn off Default (If the current quote is the default show a dropdown feature to say Turn off Default quote, which then puts the random back on the user page)
Delete from favorites (This speaks for itself)

I would like a PHP programmer to help me do this please.
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Email me or post here (*Email is minus the **- **)

Can give references to my previous client work.