PHP search MySQL

I have made a form that collects user information and inserts it into a MySQL table.

---- Haunts_submit.php

I have a page that displays these records. Repeat region and recordset paging.
---- Haunts_wny.php

What I want is to have a 3rd page that will allow users to search via two fields.
Haunt Type – List Menu
City – Text Field

Haunt Type and City are fields of the table.
For instance. If I went to the site and clicked on “Find a Haunt” and I select ‘Home Haunt’ from the list, I would like the results of all matching home haunt records to be displayed on the following page.

I have a structure worked out.
Haunt_find.php —> Haunt_find_processor.php—>Haunt_results.php

Anyone have a hint of how I can accomplish this? Tutorials or script snippets. I am still a beginner. I searched the forum but have not found full answers unless I am just ignorant to the fact.