PHP : Select site only if not viewed

Hey guys, I’m learning php.

This is what i’m doing. When a user logs in, a record in the table “tickets” is created only IF they haveny logged in before. I have it so that if this is the first time they’re logged in (if the record doesn’t exist) then they are redirected to a “special” site. This all works perfectly but…

My client wants it so that when they log in, it does the same thing, but instead of a static “special” site, it picks a site out of a table.

I was thinking of something like making a field in the tickets table that is split.

like i select a random site out of hte “special” sites table, and then add to that split field, something like “1;8;3;7;” or something. the numbers would be the id of the site that has already been shown.

the thing is that he wants the site shown only once that day. thats the thing thats stumping me.

any ideas/help?