Php that parses the XUpdate Resolver packet?

I am using Flash with a editable datagrid and a php/mysql backend. I have looked all over and cannot find an example of a php script that parses flash’s XUpdate Resolver XML packet. I am not quite to the point where I can write one from scratch, but I am pretty sure I could modify an exisiting one. Also, as I understand it, the php script should send a results packet back. Has anyone done this? Below is an example of the update packet and the returned results packet.

<?xml version=“1.0”?>
<xupdate:modifications version=“1.0” xmlns:xupdate=“”>
<xupdate:insert-after select="/addresses/address[1]" >
<xupdate:element name=“address”>
<xupdate:attribute name=“id”>2</xupdate:attribute>
<fullname>Lars Martin</fullname>
<born day=‘2’ month=‘12’ year=‘1974’/>

<results_packet nullValue="{NULL}" transID=“46386292065:Wed Jun 25 15:52:34 GMT-0700 2003”>
<operation op=“remove” id=“11295627479” msg=“The record could not be found”/>
<operation op=“update” id=“02938027477”>
<attribute name=“id” curValue=“105” msg=“Invalid field value” />

Any leads would be much appreciated!