PHP tracking code needed quickly

This is quite important if someone could help me out.

I need a PHP script that catches the IP address and any other information about a person such as location, country. Someone ordered products via email from us and used a stolen credit card to pay for them, and now I really want to track them down.

Supposedly they are from Singapore, but I doubt it. The only times they would ever email us is from 3PM to 6PM, which means 3AM to 6AM in Singapore. What business person would be up emailing at 3AM?!?

Basically, the code needs to gather all information from the person, and then email it to me.

I already have a site that will host the script (has to be PHP so it is invisible from the user, no JavaScript), and since I have to pay an additional $10 a month for having a database, the script will have to email the information each time someone views the page.

Please help…