i dont know if any one knows about PHP or not but i wanna learn a bit but i cant find any guides or anything!
if anyone knows a site or anything please tell me!:bounce:

hi shinwa welcome to the forum!

you can browse to the server-side/scripting in this forum

or you can visit…

just try to some search here in this forum i swear i saw someone posting here cool links and that includes your php and plus! … i think i was one of the moderators here who post it… i just cant remember… im getting old! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

anyhu shinwa, i’ve found it!

it’s posted by jubba…

keep up the great exploit! :thumb:

holy iv been on this form for 4 hours and iv had most of my problems solved thx everyone!

If you have any specific questions that you like to ask let me know. I may be able to help.

Hi Jubba!

I have a specific question that no one has so far been able to answer. May I ask you?


of course. Just create another thread and I’ll help as much as possible.

Thanks Jubba! I have posted a thread titled “For Jubba!” in the MX forum. Thanks again!