PHPobject - save data to mysql

have been working with this piece of code for some hours… but has a bit lack of knowleg at php… (english is’nt my strongest side either)…

set_mc.onPress = function()
FMSetContent = new PHPObject(“getContent”);
FMSetContent.set_item_onResult = function(result)
trace (result);
$date = “11.09.05”;
$title = “Test title”;
$preface = “Test preface”;
$content = “Test contnet”;
$section_id = “1”;
FMSetContent.set_item("$dbName", “$table”, $date, $title, $preface, $content, $section_id);
set_mc.txt.text = “SET”;

class getContent {

 function set_item($dbName, $table, $date, $title, $preface, $content, $section_id)
     $db = mysql_connect(db_host", "db_name", "db_pass");
     mysql_select_db($dbName, $db);
     $query = "INSERT INTO $table  (date, title, preface, content, section_id)
               VALUES (".
     $result = mysql_query($query);
     return $query;
 function close_db()


the php code works in a way, but it only saves blank fields… someone who see what i’m doing wronge or not doing at all here?

Tried to find som tutorials about PHPobject, but there is’nt much out their…

[color=Black]made it…[/color]