Physics test to the xpert flashers

See if u can come up with an engine to this:

Have a car (2d, profile) be able to drive along a screen (also 2d, profile, like mario bros)… if tha car runs into a ramp, it drives up the ramp… and flies off the end… and it has to be as realistic as possible… which means real life physics, with springs in the wheels and everything…

Is this possible? And i know it would probably be hard as hell to do… but i’d like to see it done, so, anyone up for the challenge? =)

oh, and the cars is of course moved by keypresses from the player :slight_smile:

hehe who do u thing me are? hehe…i’ll have a go at it…but im not a physics genius :slight_smile: hehe

heheey great! =)

I’d have a go at it too… buuuut, the only physics I know as a bouncing ball… I have to get me some more math knowledge… lol

Now where the hell did my physics and math books from highschool go…?

this would be the ultimate physics test in flash… only outdone if it were 3d… BUT, lets stick with 2 dimensions for now.

Wow, that has to be hard to do. But you can look [SIZE=1]as always[/SIZE] at Bit 101 there are wonderful fla there that could get you/us started. I’ll check them too, this can be interesting :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

just as I thought, this could be interesting! :slight_smile:

A challenge for all of us…!

any updates guys…?

I’m currently fizzling with some kinda wheel rotation with acc and deacc on keypresses… Not much but it’s a start…

also need to figure out friction, (I got gravity), proper collision detection and springs between to abjects… WITH dampers…

geez… Maybe I’m in over my head here…:-\

Ilyas, great site, where’s the flas?

You can get them here:

Actually, I think I’ll try to take his flas 1 by 1 and see how he did everything. His 3D work and creatures things are simply amazing. (he=Keith Peters, one of my personal flash heros :)).

pom :asian:

i think you should look at as well…he has a really good physics engine… and yeah…i think thats where Bit-101 got the idea…i dunno…could be wrong. Still its a really good physics engine and it should help you out on ur thingy :slight_smile: