Picture and footer

OK Kirupa, you won’t get away this time.
I need a step-by-step tutorial to put my picture and footer in here. Do I have to put them on a website (looks like it since you want their adress to start with )) ? And if so, do I simply put them in the page or what. HELP ME PLEASE !


you’ve seen kirupa’s automatic HTML Footer maker thing right?> if not, heres the link www.kirupa.com/developer/new/footer.htm

yes, you gotta upload the footer to your website, enter the width and height in the box, after uploading your swf, give a url in the box below width and height

example: www.angelfire.com/art2/ae…footer.swf

next, after it displays the code for you, copy it and
go to My Control Panel [how to get there::: go to the kirupa forums or any forums and at the top you will see “my control center” or something like that and you will see a button that says “preferences” once you click it…there should be an option to display a custom signature, place the HTML you copied and paste it in that box Make sure the “use custom signature” box is checked…and save it…
Done! once you post, the swf you chose should show up, i know this is long and explaining everything, but just makin sure it covered the footer help