Picture game

Since it seems most of us here own, or at least have access to, a digital camera, i’m posing a new game:

Basically, you have to guess what the object in the picture is, which isn’t going to be obvious at first. This will work like the Movie Quotes game, where if you get it right, it’s that person’s turn. Now this would suggest that only owners of cameras can play. No. What those people can do is buy a digital camera ;)…, or photoshop an existing photograph (granted you have sufficient copyright privileges to it, which I’m sure you all can take care of ;)).

Now the rules:

  1. You will have in your possession two images: the one everyone will guess and another with the full object in view.

  2. The images can’t be too specific, like “The 576th stone on the 14th Street bridge headed south”, but more distinct objects like leaves, computer speakers, blinds, etc. If someone takes a picture of an Ionic column, but they just say column, or Doric column, just give it to them. No specifics, please =)

  3. The images can’t be too ambiguous. We have to at least have some idea of what it might be.

  4. Nothing explicit. Obvious reasons.

So that’s it, straight and simple, and as such, I’ll start off:

awww… this thread is dead…

I’m gonna start over…

whazz tiz:

a putty knife?

Such a thing used to scrape paper off the walls… I’m dutch, so yeah, I don’t know the correct word :stuck_out_tongue:

bottle opener

D’oh :(.


I realised it too late. Go ahead mlk, this is fun :hugegrin: