<´¯`·. Picture in scroll ?¿? .·´¯`>

Hé flashers ! \r\ri need some help! would you go to \r\rwww.geocities.com/dennisprkic/picture_in_scroll.html\r\rbecouse i need to know how to put a picture in a\rscroll tekst ?? i don’t know if it is possible … :wink: \r\rDreamflash

Hmmm… I don’t know if it’s possible… :smiley: \rpom 0]

I also don’t know if it’s possible… \rbecause, i never have seen it… :frowning: \r\rbut i will look around…\r\rDreamflash

OK. That was a joke. I actually put one picture in my scroll footer, but apparently you didn’t see it. :frowning: I’m gonna try and make your little thing. It’s not very hard though. Here’s the deal :\rYou have 2 buttons and a box, in which a movie clip is scrolling. The clip scrolling can be pretty much anything, from picture to text. So far so good. Usually, you use scroll. functions. Well, here, you can just emulate the scroll. Something like (for the buttons) :\r

 on(press) {_root.myclip._y += 3 ;}

\rAs simple as that.\rTry it and tell me if you can’t do it.

There. Is that what you want ?\rpom 0]

\rHé, that’s it… :smiley: \rbut is text & that picture possible ? \r\rcould you give me the link where I can \rdownload the course? :wink: \r\rDreamflash :smiley:

you don’t have to put the link… \r\rI understand it… :slight_smile: \r\rthnx\r\rDreamflash \r(Dennis)

Good ! I like when people understand what I do ad I don’t have to explain them, cos my scripting sometimes looks like I’ve been coding it with Enigma or something… :frowning: \rpom 0]

Was that a picture of you Pom? You looked a little on the English side to me as well as that remark about Enigma…Gots me thinking. MI6 maybe?\r\rpj\rthe sleuth\r:cool:

Yes. My real name is Austin Powers, by the way. Muhahahaha !!\r\rAnd no that wasn’t me. Man, he looks 16 on the picture!! (no offence)\r\rpom 0]

I doubt Austin Powers could operate an enigma device.\r\rand Pom looks like a swarthy Frenchman… I’ve seen his pic elsewhere…

Are you talkin’ about this picture? : \r\rhttp://www.geocities.com/dennisprkic/picture_in_scroll.html\r\rThat’s me… i’m 15 years :slight_smile: \r\rDreamflash \rDennis\r

See? I hesitated to write 15 y. o. As for Upu, I’m no more swarthy than you are. I wish I was, but I 'm not. :frowning: \r\rAustin 0]