Picture mask?


does any know how this masking was done…

im talking about the masking when u click on the pictures how??

if you want to mask a moviclip,u can use setMask property to do it.

this will help u for making animations like fabrislane;)

thank but i already know that…what i wanna know is …do u see where it said “click images to continue” do see the animation masking that what i wanna how he did that…

thanx thou for replying …bro

why don’t you just experiment?
you know how to dynamically mask a movieclip, do the next step is to just go on and try :slight_smile:
import a jpg, attach it to the stage, assign a mask for it that only shows with a width of about 80 pixels, do it all over with a duplicate of the jpg but with a mask at _x = 80 for a seamless image.

i agree with Mediamonkey;) just try to use your imagination and AS experience… u should duplicate movie and follow the _xmouse property with some easing…

well see that’s the problem i could do it …i wouldnt be ask 4 help …kids…
sorry but it the truth…im not a expert coder …im noob in this…thanks

Than what’s with the confusing “thank but i already know that”?
It suggests you know enough AS not to be called a newbie, but now you are? :stuck_out_tongue:

well …i have been picking thing here in there …and yes the maskedClip.setMask(maskerClip); i got from here … and yes im a noob … sorry bro i did meant anything by it…thanks

oh alright… here’s a start:

var amountOfMasks = 5;
 var offset = 80;
 var depth = 0;
 for (var i=0; i<amountOfMasks; i++) {
     var pic = _root.attachMovie("picture", "picture_"+i, depth++);
     var msk = _root.attachMovie("mask", "mask_"+i, depth++);
     msk._x = (offset) ? offset*i - offset : msk._width*i - msk._width;

There you have the placement of the picture and it’s masks. You can controll the amount in the variables. Now that is done you can create a function that will tell those masks to do a nice tween-like animation like the website you mentioned.

Good luck and all… :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. that’s just a quick script, haven’t tested it or anything. But it should work just fine.