Pixar vs Dreamworks SKG

Pixar Movies (in order of newness)

Cars (Coming November 2005)
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
Toy Story 2
A Bug’s Life
Toy Story

Dreamworks SKG Movies (in order of newness)

Madgascar (Coming Summer 2005)
Shark Tale
Shrek 2

Personally I think Pixar are so much better than Dreamworks, their movies are so much funnier, more witty and have far better plots etc. Pixar also have so much more experience over Dreamworks (they made their first 3D short in 1984 I belive).

Also, their movies are much more original, unlike Shark Tale, which was a blatent rip of Finding Nemo, and was pretty poor in my opinion.

I swear Dreamworks think that throwing money and celeb voices at a splash of animation make a good movie, when it clearly dosent, which is why Pixar beat the crap out of them every time. I don’t think I have found any of the Dreamworks movies funny, Shrek 1 and 2 where mildy amusing, and Shark Take was ok, but certanly no Finding Nemo. The Pixar movies on the other hand are genius, The Incredibles was hilarious.

Random rant :slight_smile: