Hello, im looking for a pixelEngine made in flash, this is for a website. You programmers! can do this. Also we can PAY for it. so… just sendme an email. to [email protected] (subject: pixelArt)

If you can generate a JPG with the PixelArt (draw) better.

If you can add colors to the pixel much better.

Some other things you can TELLME. im waiting for u!


:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

HEY, i’m not looking for a tutorial, just, i need some thing that convert the SWF to JPG, if it’s possible. The pixelArt engine it’s almost finished. if somebody know about this please send me a mail.

If you have Photoshop. just draw a little guy with the pen and then
Filter -> Pixelate -> Mosaic

For some more cool effect you can do this:
Filter -> Sharpen -> Sharpen

just do that a few time’s (ctrl + f){does the last action again}

you’ll get a nice effect pixellated


after Mosaic

after Sharpen_______________Ad some color

thats not what he’s looking for. He’s looking for someone to program a Flash drawing board that creates pixel art.

but still T-O its a nice drawing…


ahmeds footer is the kind of thing there after i think… :-\