Pixel font problem in centered mc in full browser flash

I’m trying to use a pixel font in a mc in a full browser flash.
At some browser sizes it looks fine but at others it’s blurred. I’m guessing that it’s because the mc uses the browser window width and heigth/2 to find the middle of the stage.
But at some sizes the half of the browser windows becomes an uneven number, which is blurring the pixel font. I’m I right? (the pixel font is in the mcSite mc)

How can I solve this?

My code:

Stage.scaleMode = ‘noScale’;
Stage.align = ‘TL’;

myListener = new Object();
myListener.onResize = function() {
sw = Stage.width;
sh = Stage.height;
background._width = sw;
background._height = sh;
hsh = sh/2;
hsw = sw/2;

mcSite._y = hsh-mcSite._height/2;
mcSite._x = hsw-mcSite._width/2;