Pixel fonts

So I’ve downloaded some pixel font (kroeger 05_06, hooge 05_06) and when I type in lowercase the font previews in uppercase and sometimes in lowercase like I typed. Then I’ll type in upper and most of the time that works fine. I can’t seem to get the font to consistenly work in lowercase. It’s fidgety and works when it wants.

Any ideas on why this is?


That’s because, depending on the font, they may not have any lowercase letters, except for style (like an “a”, or “i” or somehing…) I’m not familiar with the font’s you’re using, but if you open up Word, and type letters a~z, in upper and lower case letters, then set the font to the one you want to use, you can see each letter works with that font.

I’ve been using some of the FFF pixel fonts, and some of those have both Upper and lower letters, but most only have Caps. It’s just a matter of looking at the font itself.